This tiny cottage on wheels has a two-person sauna inside

All the floor space is utilized, the cabinets under the stairs are easily accessible and extend back to the wall. There are even built-in drawers under the couch.The kitchen and living room in the tiny cabin.

The best thing about this tiny house is undoubtedly the two-person sauna inside. While the bathroom generally isn’t the focus of most mobile homes,Hope Island Cottages decided to do something a little different with this build, and the results are breathtaking.

You can find this charming little bed and breakfast on Fidalgo Island in Washington State. Complete with a kitchen, sleeping loft, sitting room, and full-size bathroom, it’s the perfect rental for a couple looking for relaxing spa vibes in the middle of the woods.

The exterior of the tiny cabin.

Both the interior and exterior are made from natural wood surfaces, creating a cozy cottage design. The space measures eight feet by 20, with numerous windows to help amplify the space.


The stairs that lead to the loft in the tiny cabin.

The home’s designer decided to make things more comfortable by building a staircase instead of a ladder to the loft bedroom. The top step acts as a landing and additional seating space—perfect for kicking off your shoes before bed.


The sleeping loft in the tiny cabin.

The loft has two skylights above the bed, so guests can enjoy the forest canopy and the night sky.

The kitchen in the tiny cabin.
The kitchen has a built-in refrigerator, sink, and microwave, as well as drawers that slide out for garbage, recycling bins, and extra storage. The high ceiling above the living room and the second level of windows adds light as well as the allusion of more space.


The shower in the tiny cabin.

The greatest part of this design is the full-size bathroom, which includes a two-person dry-heat sauna.


The two-person sauna in the tiny cabin.

A glass door and panelling was built around the sauna to keep moisture from the shower to a minimum. There’s also a fan to help prevent the growth of mould and mildew. The LED lights in the bathroom are bright enough to light the staircase to the loft and have a five-minute timer that gives guests enough time to climb into bed before it turns off automatically.


The bathroom in the tiny cabin.

Between the kitchen and bathroom there’s a pocket door that slides out to separate the two spaces. The Dutch door used for the front entrance is another notable aspect of the design.


The tiny cabin on wheels.

Photography by Hope Cottage
After exploring the interior of this tiny cottage, it’s easy to forget that it’s all built on wheels.

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