I Hand-Craft Wood Drawers That Look Like Trees To Escape Busy City Life

Many, many years ago, I fell in love with the forest. I escape the stress of city life to find peace and inspiration for my work. Through the sheer diversity of natural form, I have become convinced that in order to achieve balance with nature and ultimately an open mind, I must apply unique character and form to everything I do – in particular, to the work of my own hands.

I strive to describe the intrinsic characteristics of each subject. Even a seemingly  dry and plain branch discovered in an abandoned orchard, exhibits magical beauty in its gradient of hues and physical warmth. For me, it is often a pretext to expose and bring to new life that which is hidden beneath a drab shell. It is by paying attention to each piece of wood, that I hear its own suggestion of a new shape and purpose. I attempt to imbue each piece with my vital essence, my joie de vivre; it is only what we do with joy, that brings joy to others.

I have noticed that these small, fantastical subjects of mine have not only given people simple pleasure through contact with them, but also by preserving personal experiences and memories. As a gift from a loved one, the recipient finds his imagination fired anew. A new impulse for positive environmental change can be found along with the courage to  elevate the aesthetics and original designs within the home. Perhaps it is this which encapsulates the magic of nature…

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