He Created A Gorgeous 3D Wooden Floor From Firewood


Many of us appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of something masterfully created from wood — but do we ever think about the wood itself?

Usually we don’t, but Instructables user Vyger thinks pretty profoundly about his locally sourced wood in his home of Montana.

“There are three common hardwood trees in northeast Montana, they are the Ash, the Siberian Elm, and the Russian Olive,” he says. “Russian Olive wood is probably the most distinctive being almost chocolate colored, it is a very beautiful wood. However virtually no one uses it for anything other than burning.”

His description of the wood almost makes its usage as everyday firewood heartbreaking, doesn’t it? Especially when he goes on to describe logs used for burning like this: “I have cut a lot of logs over the years and I have always been impressed at how beautiful some of the wood looks inside,” he said. “I always wondered if there wasn’t something I could do with it besides burn it for firewood.”
More photos and description: Click here


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