Craftsman Builds A Table, But Just Watch What Happens When He Turns The Lights Off


When you first glance at the table this craftsman is making, it might not seem like anything special.


But when the lights turn off, something incredible happens. Mike Warren has taken a few slabs of wood and created a beautiful, lively glow-in-the-dark table that is very eye-catching.


After finding the best piece of wood for the table, Mike uses a bit of creativity to create this unique, one-of-a-kind, table. First, he marks where he would like to add some of the glow-in-dark resin.


Because he chose to use Pecky cypress wood, his next step is rather easy. Cypress wood has deep cracks that are perfect for filling, and he adds the glow-in-the-dark resin wherever he can.


Then, he sands down the planks and carves out the existing holes. Next, he glues the pieces together with a tough wood glue and then holds everything with a large metal shop clamp until it dries. This ensures that the seal is solid.


Now it’s finally time for the fun stuff. Mike mixes photoluminescent powder with wood resin.


Then he pours the resin over the smoothed holes and removes the excess resin with a rubber-like tool.


After the resin has dried, Mike uses an electric power sander to smooth the table once more. It’s a desk, so it needs to have a very flat surface.


Finally, Mike applies a clear wood finish to the sanded table top. After polishing it up, he turns off the light to test it out!


Watch the video below for a detailed look at Mike’s project:

This is a beautiful table that I would love to have in my own home. I mean, who wouldn’t?


Mike even created a pair of these unique tables.


I hope he’s selling it, because I would love to buy one!


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