Chunky Wood Furniture Ideas

Homeowners looking to add some rustic and natural appeal to their interior decor are in luck, because these chunky wood furniture pieces has everything you need to add that natural charm to your home. While some people prefer to choose brand new and sleek furnishings for their homes, these chunky wood designs are more for those who admire and appreciate the naturalness of these unique furniture pieces. Yes, this style is not suitable for all homes and I’m sure some of you will hate it, but I hope this style will inspire you, anyway!

I have collected a list of 12 my favorite chunky wood furniture ideas to give your home that natural look. Enjoy!

By Piet-Jan van den Kommer
I’d kick my toes into this at least once a week.

Conference table by Tora Brasil
By Shane Brown
From Urban Timber Reclaimed Wood Co.
From Two Bolt Studios

So, do you like this style or hate? Comment below!


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