Carved Wood Spirits Ideas

Many different cultures throughout history have believed that “Spirits” inhabit the trees of the forest. Some believed that Spirits were living within the tree from its beginning, others believed the spirits of passed ancestors returned to the earth and existed in one of its many forms. Carvers are believed to see, therefore, able to “bring the Spirit out” of the tree.

The term Waldgeist is German for ‘forest spirit’, believed by ancient pagans to be the custodians of the forest. The Waldgeist spirit was believed to live in the forest and be the protector of those with ‘pure spirit’ who entered the forest. If you are able to spot a Waldgeist in the trees it is said to be good luck.

Check gallery below and get inspired by these designs!

From Suzys Woodcarvings
By Jonathan Ridgeon
By Paul Sivell
By Stephan Vinyarszki
By David Hummel

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