Building A Deck

Building A Deck

Building A Deck Of Your Dreams

Building the deck of your dreams requires some studying of all different types and different ideas to feed your passion indeck this woodworking project. The first thing to do is to determine if it will be built on ground level or elevated a few feet off the ground. Deciding if you want a roof over the deck, or open top. Whether you want a closed in deck for privacy or not or just a wind break. Whether you want to have a built in barbeque with a cook top beside it. What materials you want to build the deck out of and do you want built in seating and chairs.

These are the types of things to decide on before you build your dream deck.

First Things First

When doing any project, it is always important to have a working plan of the layout and details of the entire project. You should always check local regulations before starting construction.

Now the fun of building a deck has began.


Putting Your Plan To Workbuilding dream deck floor

Laying the ground work is very critical as this will be the exact location of the deck as well the foundation for it. Using a transit, you can quickly get the layout shot in as well the elevations. If this is to be built at ground level, you will require digging down about 12″ and replacing the dirt with gravel. This should be well compacted to make a solid base. Should the deck be raised, you will have to cement in a post and beam system to support the deck. Your deck will be attached to the side of the house while the outer end sits over the beam that you built.

You can now see your dream deck taking shape.

On With Building A Deck

With the floor joists and decking installed, it is now time to consider your roof. This usually fallows your existing roof or can be built independently. This can be a solid roof or just a sun break with just a few rafters across the roof. This roof system will have to be supported by wooden posts off the deck. The stairs  have to be built and installed along with railing around the deck and up the steps. If you are wanting a built in barbecue, you may want to build an enclosure right on the deck which also houses a cook top. Built in furniture would also be built at this time.deck

Your deck is almost a completed woodworking project.

Staining Or Finishing Your Deck

In todays time, you can use product that is pre-finished and can withstand the weather. This is great because your investment is protected. On the other hand should you prefer to stain your deck, there are many great products out there that are made to last.

Your deck is now complete — time to enjoy.

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