Birdhouse Design Ideas

The world of birdhouses is divided into two parts: cute, decorative, often whimsical creations that appeal to humans; and functional nesting boxes that the birds will actually use. Here are decorative birdhouses but I think you can redesign to make it practical.

Few tips about birdhouses:
-In most cases, place the birdhouse 5 feet or more off the ground and at least 20 feet from feeders or birdbaths. Put it atop a pole or post, or attach it to a tree trunk. (PVC pipe can make a good pole; it discourages climbing cats and other critters.)
-Weathered look. Often, birds won’t use a new house until it shows some age. Weathering also softens up the wood, making it easier for young ones to grab hold, so leave the house up year-round. A painted, decorated birdhouse may be cute, but unvarnished wood will get more use. If you paint your birdhouse, birds aren’t picky about color, but stay away from black or dark colors that absorb heat. Use nontoxic stains or varnishes.

-No perch necessary. Most cavity-nesting birds can cling to the outside of the box without aid, especially if it’s natural wood. Perches actually help other birds or predators who may harass the nesters.
-Single occupancy. While martins like apartment complexes, other birds are territorial about their nests. They want a home of their own without noisy neighbors.
-Cozy space. Think of a hollow tree; that pocket is snug and deep. Cavity-nesting birds like their houses that way, too; 5 by 5 inches at the bottom is an ideal dimension for most species, with a depth of 5 to 6 inches below the entry and an overall height of 10 to 12 inches.

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