Artist Uses Wire To Join Wood!

“At Kevin Manville Design the process of recovering urban logs that I then mill and dry is only matched by the passion to be a maker of the highest quality craftsmanship. It gives me great joy to turn otherwise discarded logs into pieces that generations will commune at with family and friends.” – says Kevin Manville. 

The Tailor made series is a process of hand hammering wire and stitching it through a series of holes. This is a jointers technique that Kevin have developed that uses no glue to join the two halves of a table together. Spending over twenty years as a traditional furniture maker has lead Kevin to break the rules of tradition for innovation. Each table is completely unique and designed, based on the slabs that are chosen.

Check Kevin’s beautiful works below!
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Copper spline works well to keep the slabs aligned and complements the stitching . There’s no glue being used in this process of joinery .

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