STRATA lake Coffee Table (Used packing plywood)

Video of making a small side table – coffee table out of plywood that was taken from disassembled packing crates. Finished table is 27 X 41 X 55 cm (wood). Tempered glass surface is 40 X 50 cm. First I’ve chosen a topographic map of a mountain that would fit my design (provided by my friend Filip who is a geologist:D). Image is printed for each layer of “lake”. After cutting plywood to measure, printed maps are glued to each individual layer which will become the lake (inverted mountain). After drying, each layer is cut on its individual isohypse. Leftover paper is sanded of using a belt sander. After assembly of top layer part, sides and bottom part of table are freely marked for cutting. After table sides and bottom part have been cut, edges are sanded and stained using water based stain, parts are covered in glue and assembled in correct order. Everything is than clamped together until glue sets.
The next day, sides are evened With belt sander. All holes and cracks are filled with putty. Excess putty is than sanded away and whole thing is sprayed with 3 coats of water based matte varnish. Four holes are drilled in each corner in which silicone glass holders are inserted and tempered glass is then placed on them.

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