How to build a deck by yourself

now let’s take a look at the deck we’re going to build this is a medium-sized a
0:05it’s large enough to accommodate outdoor furniture yet small enough to keep the
0:11construction cost reasonable
0:14it has two staircases to quickly access both sides of the are
0:19the decking railing and trim materials are synthetic products that will provide
0:25years of virtually maintenance-free enjoyment a decorative double border
0:31accents the decks perimeter the decks framing is pressure treated lumber a
0:37ledger supports the deck at the house two beams support the joists and a total
0:43of eight concrete piers centered under four by four pose carry the weight of
0:48the deck
0:50before we get started we’d like to say a word about safety
0:54both your safety as you build a deck and the safety of those who will enjoy the
0:59fruits of your labor decks are often subjected to considerable loads during a
1:06so make sure that yours is built properly in most areas of the country
1:11decks do require a building permit to ensure that they sit on an adequate
1:16foundation are built properly with rot resistant materials and are attached
1:22securely to the house as you watch this video you’ll see this icon pop out this
1:30simply identifies a critical point where you should check that your deck conforms
1:35to local building come as for personal safety
1:40be sure to use safety glasses when cutting and nailing wear hearing
1:44protection when called foreign and be careful when working from ladders or
1:49framing from an unfinished deck with no trail in preparation for the new debt we
1:54remove the old debt and the old deck ledger
1:57you always inspect beneath the ledger of an old debt because nine times out of
2:00ten you’re going to run into some sort of broader moisture problem that
2:03occurred with the old deck flashing and this was no exception
2:07we pull this apart the sheathing was a little bit rotted so we cut the sheeting
2:11off and underneath we have a nice rod section here in the corner
2:15most important thing to do is to identify the source of the moisture and
2:19filtration and corrected repairing rotted or damaged house framing is
2:23beyond the scope of what we can explain in this DVD
2:26however when building a new deck we often get the opportunity to peek under
2:30the hood of our house
2:31most of the time we can spend a little time to repair the damage and then move
2:35on if you do find significant damage then you may have to address that before
2:39continuing to build your tech
2:41after repairing the rotten section we used half inch construction grade
2:45plywood to match the sheathing on the rest of the wall
2:48the new shielding button to the old cheating at the top and hangs down about
2:51two inches over the center block foundation along the bottom edge to
2:55prevent moisture migration from the foundation to the sheathing I make sure
2:58that the sheathing doesn’t actually come into contact with the foundation
3:02check with your local building department to ensure that the replace
3:04cheating and nailing schedule conform to the structural requirements in your area
3:08I’m marking the sill in a marking the bottom plate of the wall because I want
3:16to make sure that any nails that go through
3:19don’t hit into any plumbing or any wiring and if i hit the bottom plate and
3:23hit the sill
3:24i know i’m going to go into solid wood where’s I’m going through the band
3:27that’s always a chance of wire being right up against the the band there and
3:32and the nail poking through just enough to short it out so I just want to make
3:37sure that the surface underneath the ledger is flat and tight to the framing
3:41after the plywood goes up we want to shift gears and get our peer forms
3:45installed so we can get concrete poured as soon as possible
3:48to establish the pier locations we first need to mark out the perimeter of the
3:52finished deck and work back to mark and dig the pier holes which are centered
3:56under the deck beams from the inside corner
3:58I measure and mark 2 20 foot lengths of the deck on the side of the house
4:02from there i plumb down to mark the location on the foundation at the ground
4:05we measure out from the wall 20 feet and then drive a state we measure out 20
4:11feet to represent the other side of the deck and drive another state
4:15next I adjust those two other states until they are exactly 20 feet apart to
4:20make sure the deck perimeter lay out a square
4:22I measure diagonally in both directions if one diagonal measurement is longer
4:26than the other
4:27I adjust the corner locations until the diagonals are equal and then the
4:30perimeter square using the location of each end of the ledger that will connect
4:34to the house and at the stakes we just pounded into the ground

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