Falling an old growth redwood tree; Humboldt County, CA, 2002

This residual old growth redwood was on private property, and was missing its top. This tree was in my cuttin pards’ strip, and had 37,000 bd. ft. in it. It was fell with a Stihl 088 with a 60 canon bar. We were using silvey tree saver jacks, to jack it up the hill. Each ram is capable of 62 tons of lift, and we had four rams and two pumps. The tree was bucked into 20′ logs, and the first and second logs had to be quartered, while the third and fourth logs, had to be ripped, so that they could be flown out, with a boeing 234 chinook helicopter.
It took about 6 hours to fall and buck, and we were in no hurry, as we, and our bullbucks, were having fun, doing what we were born to do. When he crawled in the undercut for a photo opportunity, he was absolutely in NO danger! There was a significant amount of holding wood that had to be cut and jack pressure applied after he did this. Average age of an coastal, old growth redwood, is 5-700 years.

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