A 80 foot Oak tree felled by Ben and freinds 176 years old.

me and some freinds help a guy I know drop a tree, 8ft off his house.. No body wanted to do it so I did with a Stihl 440 mag 36in bar , and a ford ranger, nothing beats a Stihl.. this tree was 176 years old, but rotton at the top and was going to fall on his house, I think it went well tell me what you think.. This was in Lexington Kentucky .. Next door filmed the video, did pretty good. The chain was dull and my PPE was stolen the night be for. No money to get new and no place open to get it so get up and shut up do your job and go to the next one..

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Wie ist das MIT 17

Marlon ist 17 Jahre alt und wird von der Polizei gesucht.

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