20 Wooden Candle Holder Ideas

Nothing is cozier and more personal than a little candle. Its shimmer of light is shaping the world around it an extraordinary manner especially after sunset. A calm relaxing tone of jazz surrounded by small candles while you immerse yourself into supreme relaxation in the bathtub. Perfect. We need time off to unplug. We need a short break in our busy schedules to relax, meditate or schedule ahead if we really are workaholics.

Colder weather can sometimes make it a little less pleasant to enjoy the outdoors, a great DIY project for you to bring a little of the outdoors back inside is a candle holder made out of logs, sticks, or twigs. It’s a super simple idea that adds a nice bit of rustic warmth to any room when it’s a little too chilly to go outside. Take a look below and be inspired!


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