10 Free Dog House Plans


You might overlook the fact that you’re not the only one who needs a comfortable enclosure to live in. Humans’ closest animal friends, dogs, need a house of their own to grow healthy. We’re not talking about a rusty little shack in which you tie your dog with a chain, just like in the movies. This is not only wrong but in some cases might lead to a consistent fine and maybe some prison time – if the dog is ill because of the awful living conditions (also known as animal cruelty). To avoid all this and to make sure your dog has all what it needs to be healthy and grow happily, we suggest you build a proper dog house. For this purpose, we offer 10 free dog house plans you could use in your DIY project. There are designs for every taste and budget: from the very simple to the most complex; focus on functionality or put emphasis on the fancy decorations, it’s completely your choice. Check out the entire collection of plans and start building. Good luck!

1. An attractive and safe dog house

dog-house-free-plan-1free plan

2. Build a mini ranch house for your pooch

dog-house-free-plan-2 free plan

3. How to build a log cabin dog house

dog-house-free-plan-3 free plan

4. Free Doghouse (or Playhouse)

dog-house-free-plan-4 free plan

5. Crooked Doghouse Plan

???????????????????????????????free plan

6. Dog House Project Plan

dog-house-free-plan-6free plan

7. Build an insulated A-Frame doghouse for under $75 

dog-house-free-plan-7 free plan

8. How to Build a Dog House

dog-house-free-plan-8 free plan

9. Dog House with Roof Top Deck

Dog-House-with-Roof-Top-Deckfree plan

10. DIY Dog House with Roof Top Deck

Dog-House-with-Roof-Top-Deck-1 free plan

11.  Dog kennel plan

Dog-kennel-plandetails…Dog-kennel-plan-1 free plan



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