10 Awesome Gazebo Designs

A gazebo is an isolated structure that mostly has an octagonal shape. Most likely, it is constructed in a garden but sometimes it can also be seen on parks. A gazebo has open sides with a roof on top. Its main purpose is to provide shade or shelter. It is also a great place for relaxing. Oftentimes, gazebos are used as an embellishment to a landscape.

A gazebo can sometimes bring back beautiful memories. These decorative structures are not only beautiful but they are functional too. Because of their vast popularity, gazebos can now be bought as completely assembled pre-fabricated structures. There are a lot of styles to choose from. You may select a modern one or a traditional one.

Most traditional gazebos are having a tiered roof. This can make the gazebo look more attractive and adds a perfect touch to the structure. Another element that can make a gazebo look appealing is the scalloped roof shingles. These decorative roof tiles have a classic design and add glamor to your unique structure. If you want to break away from traditional styles then you can create a unique and eye-catching design by using tree branches or antiquated barn wood.

Today we have prepared few cool gazebo designs. These are not traditional ones you see everyday, but unique design. Check them below!


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