The mysterious Crooked Forest in Poland

A veil of mystery surrounds a piece of forest located outside the village of Nowe Czarnowo in Poland, where a grove of 400 oddly-shaped pine trees exists.

The strange sight known as Crooked Forest was planted in the 1930’s, probably by the local population, and it is one of the weirdest natural locations to be seen on the planet. Surrounded by normal pines, these 400 trees are bent at 90 degrees, just above their base, with the curve going back upright after some 3 to 9 feet of veering sideways.

Shaped like the letter ‘J,’ the majority of these pines are bent towards the north. It is estimated that they were damaged some 7 to 10 years after they were planted and although many theories about the creation of this strange looking forest exist, the evidence is yet to be found to give them any solid proof. The woodland, rather wonderfully, remains a much-discussed topic of speculation, intrigue, and mystery.

One theory suggests that the pines were damaged during the war by passing tanks, literally bending the young trees to the ground. Once the trees grew back, they took on the curved shape that can be seen today. A similar theory proposes almost the same, but instead of tanks, some believe heavy snow weighed down on the trees, leaving them bent until spring when once again they began to grow upwards towards the sky.

The last two theories are not very believable, however, since there is a vast number of normal-looking trees around the bent ones. The first is that an unusually strong gravity exists in the area, making the gravitational pull the cause of the oddly shaped forest; and the second being, of course, the inevitable and mandatory alien theory, where some believe that extraterrestrials are to blame for the Crooked Forest.

The most plausible theory about the strange woodland is that its odd shape was made by local foresters, who manipulated the trees when they were ten years old with the purpose of using the timber for furniture or to build ships with.

If this were so, then their idea would remain unrealized with the onset of World War II, when the nearby towns and villages were almost completely destroyed by the Nazi army, leaving no one to confirm the truth of the creation of the Crooked Forest. It will probably remain a mystery forever, leaving the world delighted by its strangeness.