Staircase doubles as a bookcase – 10 ideas

In a home that has more than one floor, stairs inevitably becomes an important part of the decor. Stairs are often used as a focal point, as an accent piece and it’s a great way of using a vital part of the home’s architecture and design and turning it into a beautiful decor detail.

There are lots of strategies, shapes and designs that can be used for stairs and they are just as important as the material. There’s something irresistible about an attractive bookcase and staircase combination. We love getting lost in a good book, so perhaps it’s the idea that a staircase can physically transport us to a different place the way a book can in our mind.

So, here are some great ideas for anyone who loves books and doesn’t have enough apartment space or a Kindle.


Sooo, would you like any of these in your home? Comment your opinion below!