How to Make Your Own Cordwood Floor

This flooring may look like a professional installer’s job, but did you know that you can DIY this cordwood floor for your home?

If you’re a fan of the rustic look then you’re surely going to love this flooring idea. It’s relatively easy considering it’s a home renovation project!

In fact, the specific project and tutorial we share below shows a kitchen floor that was done by a woman and her husband all by themselves!

The only difficult part of this flooring project is if you don’t have access to wood in your own yard. You will need to harvest ‘dead’ wood, and for this, you must secure a wood harvesting permit from your local forest service office.

After all that legal aspect and once you’ve gathered enough wood for your floor, we say it’s fun more than anything!

Just imagine having that floor design, knowing you did it all by yourself!

Is this going to be your next big project?