DIY Wooden Ring Box Ideas


Christmas? Easter? Valentine’s Day? Friday or Monday? You have millions of reasons, seconds and minutes to justify the purchase of a ring for your loved one. A ring should make a statement for itself and in a direct connection, the ring box or way in which you reveal it, present it, gift it, should be unique as well. It should match your personality, hers, his and add romance and beauty to this special moment. You don`t buy a ring everyday. With this thought in mind I have presented further on DIY Wooden Ring Box Ideas that you can do  and use in the comfort of your own home. Some easy, some are really hard to realize. It is up to you to decide how much time, money and dedication is worth investing in this moment, in this gift and statement.

Your lady, your mother or daughter, your loved one regardless of color,age and sex is probably one of the few reasons for which you smile everyday. For these individuals that find and ignite the joy and happiness is worth pushing every boundary, pursuing every goal, giving up everything. Life is pulsatory, everything is repetitive, circular, in a permanent movement and engaged dynamic from which we barely get our heads out from time to time. Stop for a moment, take a breath, make something different. We all know the red heart shaped soft ring boxes that we get free or for a small fee at a ring purchase. Stop being simple, stop being part of the crowd for a moment, differentiate yourself with something original and memorable.

The images and designs showcased below are just fuel for your creativity, they are here to feed your imagination, as a seed for your creativity. Feel free to experiment and contact us with your result, we would be delighted to add your idea in this small guide.