Creative Wooden Bowl Ideas

Although a bowl is just an open-topped container, there is more to a bowl than just its function. An infinite variety of possible shapes, but far fewer really good ones. A turner’s work tends to evolve over time and I think this gives us clues. As well as exploring new ideas, they begin to see the faults of their early work. There are no rigid rules about bowl design. Such rules as there are, are made to be broken. The turner can make any shape they like, but after thousands of years of bowl making, it’s hard to come up with something completely new.

So,  below are some unique designs – more or less practical but really beautiful and creative.

Michelle Holzapfel, Black and White woven wood bowl, 2003, Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI

Mistakes happen often but creativity helps a lot! By AA Creations

Salad bowl with utensil stasht. By John Barany

Beautiful pyrography work by Kalina Gospodinova

Celebration bowl with natural bark by John Barany

Woodturned and carved serving bowl by Andre Deblette

Made from stabilized wood

Twig and resin bowls from Barre Pinske Studio

Oak burl wood bowl with malachite stone inlay by Chris Thompson

Norfolk Island Pine Bowl: Turned on the end grain from a solid piece of Norfolk Island Pine, this piece is circled by knots from the original tree’s branches.
By Steve Noggle