Building A Garage Plane

Building A Garage

Building a garage can be easily done should you choose to do it yourself. With a table saw, hand tools and perhaps an air nailer along with some knowledge,

the job is under way. By choosing to build your own garage, can result in saving a lot of money.

The first thing you will want to do , is check with local regulations before you start construction and get a building permit if required.

Pouring The Footings


After choosing your location and leveling the area, you may choose to dig down below frost level and pour footings and a foundation wall.This is highly recommended in cold weather areas. Other than that you could pour a 4″ cement slab with thicker cement around the outside.

Once the foundation and floor is poured, your are ready to begin framing the building.


Framing The Walls

garageThe walls are generally 2 X 4 framing, 16″ on center with treated bottom plate and double top plate. Building one wall at a time,framing in any window and door openings.

The big garage doors need to have double 2 X 10 headers with 1/2″ plywood in between along with the windows and walk in door. Once framed, the plywood sheeting which is usually 3/8″ or 1/2″ , can be installed to the walls.

Installing The Roof

You first mark off the top wall plates as to where the roof trusts will sit (usually 24″ on center). Install the roof trusts in their proper position and secure. Next you install the roof sheeting and then the shingles. The final touches are to install the large garage doors along with the passage door and window to close in the project. The walls are now wrapped with building paper and the exterior can be finished. The finish can be siding, brick or stucco or the product of choose.

You are now ready to enjoy your new garage.