The Best Way to Sharpen a Chainsaw Ever!

Quit wasting time with hard-to-use files. You can have a PERFECT angle on every blade with Timberline”s Patented Chainsaw Sharpener. Order the most durable, accurate and easy to use chainsaw sharpener today at DAHA FAZLA GÖSTER YORUMLAR • 143 Herkese açık bir yorum ekle… En iyi yorumlar Jim Pinckard Jim Pinckard6 ay önce For $125 this thing should come with every size carbide and a complimentary dinner ticket at outback steak house. Not worth the $125. Yanıtla18 4 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle 1995dresser 1995dresser6 ay önce +Lewie McNeely That”s why I bring spare chain”s I hate farting around with field sharpeners or even filing when I have to. its faster to change a chain . I sharpen them on my chain sharpener in my garage with a cold bottle of beer. rather than sweat my ball”s off in the sun with this $125 dollar contraption Yanıtla3 andrew srenson andrew srenson3 gün önce nah…overpriced & time consuming. too bad really, i”m sure the inventor-investor spent “serious $$$” getting it to the market Yanıtla bigreddoggy55 bigreddoggy551 gün önce Great product.. No way..125 and 20 for the bit.. Damn it!!! Good luck… Fine product looks like Yanıtla Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker3 hafta önce For $125 i can get like 5 spare chains! Yanıtla YakMan NC YakMan NC5 gün önce Great device and easy to do… but its so manual. don”t think I”d pay $125 though Yanıtla Patrick Wagz Patrick Wagz1 ay önce $133 + $5 shipping GET SERIOUS Yanıtla Francis Roy Francis Roy10 ay önce Looks interesting and “proper” but it”s $125.00 US, and that includes only one size carbide. I”d pay $40 for this at most. That, and honestly, it seems to take a lot of time and is fiddly to use. I grant that this seems to do a beautifully consistent job. Yanıtla8 9 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle Bob Adkins Bob Adkins6 ay önce +Lewie McNeely The low profile chains you find today are limited in how much bite you can give the chain. You can file the gage drags down to nothing, and there still isn”t dangerous kickback if you don”t get careless. Yanıtla Yamaha SR650 Yamaha SR6506 ay önce +Bob Adkins They”re for idiot homeowners who do stupid shit like scaling ladders with a saw, climbing trees with a saw and standing on a stack of milk crates with a saw. I worked at a rental yard where a customer took a rental saw up a tree, fell out, the running saw landed next to him and in shock, he reached over without looking to turn the saw off, cutting the shit out of himself. He unsuccessfully sued us. How the saw”s throttle got locked open, we don”t know. Maybe he put a twist tie on it for extra reach bypassing the safety lever. You never know with rental customers. I had a yard owner tell me, “In the rental business, the customer is NEVER right.” How true. One “owner” gave a dude his money back when he complained that his rental saw didn”t work even though the gas and oil can provided were both empty and the saw packed with sawdust. Boss obviously didn”t believe in the “customers never right” theory. That yard, “Sunnyside Equipment Rental” in Fresno went under. Daha fazla bilgi Yanıtla GEORGE ZARIFIS GEORGE ZARIFIS3 ay önce That”s a very nice sharpener, however the stihl FF1 will be just as precise and quick at around $25. Yanıtla Nick Pernia Nick Pernia1 ay önce Far to expensive. $11 at ACE Hardware (compared to $125) will get you a file / guide. Pair that with a bench top vice (something most any guy who owns a chain saw will have) and you”re ready to go. Furthermore, I”m betting I can file a chain faster with a file / guide. (I”m all for a cool garage gadget but this one seems a bit desperate) Yanıtla MrGoranPa MrGoranPa4 ay önce This is cool man! Yanıtla arboristBlairGlenn arboristBlairGlenn1 yıl önce I bought this and it just doesn”t get used. The guys don”t like it, sorry Yanıtla7 21 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle Lewie McNeely Lewie McNeely6 ay önce WE pretty much compost ours after grinding them up. My wife uses them for mulch in the garden. I burn some but not many. If she wants them, she gets them and I get to eat what she grows. It”s HER garden. I just keep the mechanical end of it going. She”s got the green body to go with the thumb. I don”t argue, just enjoy. She”s got a greenhouse and keeps something going all winter. Fine with me. Yanıtla Yamaha SR650 Yamaha SR6506 ay önce +Lewie McNeely I wish there were a thing as a “meat garden”. I get tired of rabbit food. I till then hill the garden with my BCS & Troy Horse respectively. We planed some fruit trees a few years ago. This year, we got 5 pears, a new record. They refuse to get big so we pick them and bring them inside to yellow and they never do. They”re always hard as a rock. No apples yet. The plums just don”t cut it.  Daha fazla bilgi Yanıtla chris buchanan chris buchanan4 ay önce totally unreasonable price at 125 bucks. Yanıtla Gary Stewart Gary Stewart11 ay önce this is a joke…..right? Yanıtla3 Lewie McNeely Lewie McNeely6 ay önce +Gary Stewart We wished! Yanıtla KasualPickle KasualPickle9 ay önce hand sharpening is the only way to go you control every aspect thus you can sharpen it how you like Yanıtla4 mark Johnson mark Johnson7 ay önce I don”t like this product but a jig sharpener can”t be beat. u can get 12v powered jig sharpening tools for 70 bucks. this one”s 125.. and u still need a depth Guage for rakes and a flat file. Yanıtla1 sammvoyager sammvoyager7 ay önce (düzenlendi) I bought a $5 (Oregon brand) Sharpening Stone (5/32inch) at Lowe”s, sharpened the 18inch chain just fine with my cordless Dremel today. Used speed 5, making sure to keep the Dremel tool level and of course the same angle as the chain tooth. I used the advice from wtbm123 (Harbor Freight electric-based stone sharpener) by sharpening “light”. I first had to clean built-up gunk off every chain tooth. Will Test on Tuesday. Hardened bark on a dead Quaking Aspen dulled chain fast. The Raker only needs to be flat filed every 3rd sharpening per the Stihl vid. This Temberline seems to sharpen well, its just expensive when there are other low cost options Daha fazla bilgi Yanıtla1 Lewie McNeely Lewie McNeely6 ay önce +sammvoyager Just don”t run the chain any more when you get through cutting to keep the oil ff the teeth if you don”t already.. I”ve also have found if your tooth/teeth start getting gummed up on the long ends it”s time for a sharpening. I also take 4 good strokes off the rakers (we call them drags) on a new chain. That makes them cut and you don”t have to push BUT you have to have the power to pull that chain because it”s a very aggressive cut! Yanıtla Camy Mac Camy Mac4 ay önce carbide milling cutter does what it is designed to do. It is for cutting thus it does not sharpen well. better off either grinding or filing your chain. I bet his saw don”t work long in the field. Also carbide does not do well with High speed steel. Just my opinion. Yanıtla 1995dresser 1995dresser5 ay önce This tool is just a copy of a GAMM Sharpener. that I saw in a 1983 copy of Popular Mechanics on chainsaw sharpeners (sharpener shootout ) same thing carbide cutter and all . so this is nothing new I like how they explain it in the Video like they reinvented WHEEL. this idea is over 32yrs old ?????? Yanıtla Barry Kratzer Barry Kratzer8 ay önce What about the RAKERS!! Yanıtla2 mark Johnson mark Johnson7 ay önce get Ur file depth Guage and a flat file and well, get to filing Yanıtla mark Johnson mark Johnson7 ay önce oh that”s extra 40 smackers.. Yanıtla Scott McPherson Scott McPherson7 ay önce (düzenlendi) G-1012XT – Granberg Precision Grinder $69.00 from MFG Supply Yanıtla1 Bob Adkins Bob Adkins6 ay önce Beautiful, simple design, but paying $125 for a sharpener makes no sense. You can buy a LOT of brand new chains for $125!

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