Homemade Firewood Processor Detroit Diesel Powered

First run of the wood processor. powered by a 453 Detroit 4 cylinder, 105 hp. 3 49 gpm pumps. 35 inch saw blade, 25 ton splitting ram, 3 second split cycle, 8 way wedge. video showing sawing and splitting functions DAHA FAZLA GÖSTER YORUMLAR • 501 Herkese açık bir yorum ekle… En iyi yorumlar ModelBoat Mayhem ModelBoat Mayhem1 hafta önce Homemade? Nice job! Yanıtla Review Machines Worldwide Review Machines Worldwide3 ay önce Can it be a homemade machine? Looks like factory-built. There are some factory-built machines on my channel and they look even more homemade : ) Yanıtla FarmallRed FarmallRed3 ay önce Yes it is. I know the guy that built it, he is 80 years old and is a skilled machinist and has had a construction company for 40 years. Yanıtla NEWS INFOR NEWS INFOR2 ay önce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7QPak4Qw88 Yanıtla Ad van Tuil Ad van Tuil4 ay önce Nice to watch how we can destroy things in seconds, that nature took 80 years to grow… Yanıtla 5 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle W Snith W Snith1 ay önce +Ad van Tuil Go eat some grass and lay down and go to sleep. Yanıtla SANJAY KUMAR SANJAY KUMAR4 ay önce very nice perform Yanıtla hamad almudhaf hamad almudhaf10 ay önce nice Yanıtla1 Nikki Jenkins Nikki Jenkins10 ay önce Amazing bit of kit Yanıtla1 Docktor Jim Docktor Jim1 yıl önce Brilliant.  Yanıtla6 William Gilpin William Gilpin2 ay önce AHHHH THE POWER OF HYDRAULICAHHHH Yanıtla ToastKing666 ToastKing6664 ay önce Tell you what Ad, lets just keep burning fossil fuels & distroying the planet instead. Dickhead. Yanıtla1 marcelo oberauer marcelo oberauer9 ay önce Homemade or workshopmade? Yanıtla Leonardo Salles Leonardo Salles1 yıl önce I don”t need it but I want it. Yanıtla15 Hyppa27 Hyppa278 ay önce Awesome machine  Yanıtla kleetus92 kleetus921 yıl önce I”d buy it because it has a detroit powering it! Yanıtla4 73Datsun180B 73Datsun180B1 yıl önce Fuck yes lol! Yanıtla1 Rob Rotenberry Rob Rotenberry1 yıl önce Homemade? Yanıtla2 MarkSentMe MarkSentMe5 ay önce +Rob Rotenberry I”m looking around my home….I don”t think I have any of those parts on hand! ;) Yanıtla Rob Carstuff Rob Carstuff1 yıl önce sounds like that Detroit is screaming! Yanıtla1 Daniel Bargas Daniel Bargas1 yıl önce That”s fucking awesome/dangerous way to go Yanıtla1 3 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle MarkSentMe MarkSentMe5 ay önce +lukas anton j. Load it and stand back Yanıtla1 lukas anton j. lukas anton j.5 ay önce +MarkSentMe exactly Yanıtla carlos perez carlos perez1 yıl önce Hmmmm…..Looks expensive, I”ll just use my ax. Excellent creative use of disposable income and free time though. Thanks for posting. Yanıtla2 Bob Wolf Bob Wolf1 yıl önce Nice! Do you build these or do you have plans available? Yanıtla1 rock dawg rock dawg1 yıl önce awesome Yanıtla1 Bucyruserie28W Bucyruserie28W1 yıl önce like to find more about hydralic saw you used im building a processor

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