15 Hidden Room Ideas For Your Home


You might consider your home your very own fortress of intimacy. Though there are transparent spaces, like the lobby, the entrance hallways, or living, the private areas, like the bathroom or the bedroom make it into the fortress of solitude that you want. But do they really? What about the extra-private places, that special location in your home where secrets are best kept and uninvited guests are not welcomed? The room where you go to write your autobiography or where you keep your finest collection of drinks. Here are someawesome ideas that you could implement in order to finally get that hidden room you wished for. Kids might even consider such a place the most awesome of rooms in the house, only if itโ€™s decorated in the way a child likes: full of toys. No matter if you want a really private space for reading or for sleeping uninterrupted, the hidden room is definitely a solution.

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