10 Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

10 Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

Many houses today have fireplaces as decorative items. While in most cases the fireplace is a focal point of the living room, sometimes the accessories and the decor around it can take that role. Smart firewood storage solution can become the wonderful decor feature the room is missing. The firewood will add also warm and cozy look of every interior design. In this post You will find 10 ideas for decorative storage solutions for your firewood.


1. Firewood Rack Using Plumbing Pipe

A simple rack made of metal pipes and wood perfectly fits in the corner right next to the fireplace.
Instructions at The owner-builder network

2. Vertical Shelf

from Apartment Therapy

3. Firewood Urns

Via: Simple Details Blog

4. Round Firewood Storage

Via: Modfrugal

5. Use Wooden Crates to Hold Firewood

Use Wooden Crates to store firewood

From: Nordingarden

6. Use a Bucket to Store the Firewood

Sometimes the simplest solution is right in front of you. From: Diagnoosi:sisustusmania

7. Wine Barrel Firewood Storage

wine barrel firewood storage

From: Freckled Laundry

8. Copper Firewood Tub

Copper Firewood Tub

From: Plowhearth.com

9. Store Firewood in Suitcase

Store firewood in Suitcases

Image via ouradventureoncrete.wordpress.com

10. Use Leather Belt to Hold the Firewood

From: Homedit